Life at SI



Secure Innovations was built on the principle that people matter first and foremost. Our focus is on PEOPLE – our employees and our customers.

We successfully and continuously strive to become experts in the Cybersecurity field by only focusing on Cyber! Team members at SI are afforded the ability to grow within our company, lead the next cyber generation, as well as provide impactful solutions to our various customers!

With both our customers and employees, SI does not just aim to be a successful company, we aim to be of VALUE!




Success requires dedication. Employees can rest assured that we will never rest until the issue at hand is resolved.



Our team doesn’t distract itself with pride and glory. Instead, we remain focused on what really matters most—a positive outcome for the Mission.



We are steadfast in our refusal to compromise our high standards.



Our team—comprising our customers and employees alike—can only achieve success if we trust one another. Openness and honesty are the core of effective communication.



When we challenge each other to perform up to our potential, we often find new, advanced, and superior ways to achieve our goals. We never get left behind, because we’re always looking forward.




Kurt Handley
DoD Systems Lead and Senior Information Systems Security
Secure Innovations, LLC
“I can’t say enough good things about Secure Innovations LLC and working for them! SI has been the best company I have worked for bar none! Every SI employee is hand selected for their expertise and matched to specific cybersecurity billets, where they would be best suited. Secure Innovations goes out of their way to ensure every employee is engaged and happy. Through the opportunities provided by SI and professional development funding, I have attained additional certifications and even my master’s degree. Secure Innovations is an incredible place to work and a great opportunity for anyone looking for a challenging career in cybersecurity!”

Joshua Frank
Cyber Subject Matter Expert
Secure Innovations, LLC
“For the past five years, I’ve worked for Secure Innovations. I’ve been able to work on some great projects along way with true experts in the field. The owners prioritize the people and it truly shows with an emphasis on professional growth and a commitment to our customers. I’ve been fortunate enough to volunteer my time with EnrichMinds, a charity started by Secure Innovations to give back to the community and inspire the next generation of cyber security professionals. Secure Innovations is a challenging, but rewarding company, great for anyone looking to make their mark in cybersecurity.”

Roni Mitchell-King
Information Systems Security Manager
“There are so many things that I love about working for Secure Innovations.They have some rare attributes that stand out starting with the fact that they genuinely care that you are happy with your job assignment. They have created an environment and an open door policy to talk about anything such as what I want to do, where do I want to go in my career and are there any challenges standing in the way. They are not just trying to fill a position. They truly care.SI has figured out a fundamental component of success of maintaining quality employees. They understand that when employees are truly happy, they simply do not want to leave and will also encourage and refer other high quality candidates to join the SI family. When the customer is happy and the morale of the employee is happy, the company does well. It is a win win for all.”

Eddie Massey
Senior Systems Administrator

“I have been employed with SI for over a year now.  I’ve worked in this field for over 14 years with various companies, and I can truly say SI is the best company I have worked for.The environment is flexible and stress free, my co-workers are like family, if I need assistance with anything work related or personal, I can count on my SI family to be there. Whenever I talk to Doug or Ric, it feels as if I’m talking to a friend not the CEO.  I feel appreciated. When I tell people that I work for SI, they always say “That’s a good company”.  I feel very proud to work for SI and plan to retire from here.”


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